Sunnymead Residential Living - "Caring in Partnership with you."

Welcome to Sunnymead Residential Living

I am Linda Nesbitt the proprietor of Sunnymead and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our community.

Making the right choice is essential when selecting a home and there are many factors to consider. What is important is for you to feel at home in a comfortable surroundings and to be confident in the professionally structured care.

This website is to help you and your family gain some insight about Sunnymead, and to answer some of the questions you may have.

We appreciate that it will take a little time for you to know us and your surroundings but we will be there to help you. We encourage you and your family to ask questions about any concerns you may have.

We are keen to involve you and your family in events all aspects of life within the Sunnymead Community and encourage feed back in relation to the services we provide, we are always interested to know your views, opinions and ideas.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you will enjoy the time you spend with us.

Yours Sincerely

Life at Sunnymead

Many of our Residents live permanently in Sunnymead. However, we also offer short term stays and a day care service which may better suit your needs. Please ask if you would like to hear more about these services.

Your Personal Address

Each corridor in Sunnymead has been give a “Street Name” by our Residents. This means that each room has its own address; an address just as you had at your own home – helping your to maintain your own personal identity.

Testimonials on Sunnymead Residential Living

Testimonial 1

Dear Son,

Just an update on how I am doing in my new home. There is a real family atmosphere here is Sunnymead. Staff are so attentive and listen if I have any concerns. The food is always delicious and well presented and ther is plently of activity going on here. I have a far better time here I ever did living on my own!

Lots of Love

Mum x

Testimonial 3

During my recent inspection of Sunnymead, I met with several Residents who spoke well of care delivered and were so openly proud of ‘their’ home. The ambience in the dining room was relaxed and pleasant with Residents quietly conversing and enjoying their meals. There is a strong evidence of a culture that promotes and includes activity in all aspects of daily life in the home. Residents in Sunnymead are empowered. – RQIA Inspector

Testimonial 2

Sunnymead is a “Home from Home” – Resident

Testimonial 4

Dear John,

Mum is doing really well in Sunnymead. She is treated with great respect and her thoughts and opinions are of importance. She feels part of the Sunnymead community and J cannot thank them enough

Lots of Love

Sue xx

Testimonial 5

“I feel that Resident care is very good at Sunnymead”

“I am really happy in my job role in Sunnymead. Management are always very approachable”

– Staff Member

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