Making music at Sunnymead!

Sunnymead Residential Home in Armagh has been buzzing with the sound of music since the launch of their new choir. The Sunnymead Sunshine Choir, whose name was voted for by the Residents themselves, debuted at their very own concert in December and have since held performances in Saints and Scholar’s primary school and a local charity event! Choir practice takes place every week to prepare for any future concerts or appearances. ‘I just love being a part of the Sunshine Choir! It’s really exciting and a great chance to have some fun with my friends’, says choir member Maud Wilson.

The Sunnymead Sunshine Choir is just one of the many clubs and interests that Residents living in Sunnymead, or those who are staying for the day, can choose to get involved in. Sunnymead recognise that productive activity within the home helps Residents to live ‘happy, fulfilled and purposeful lives’ and therefore develop an extensive activities programme each month in partnership with the Residents.

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